Lisa Corrao is a small feisty love monster. This tiny Italian, originally from NY (Elmont, settle down), grew up in South Florida. She was a smart-ass from a young age but would eventually become a middle school teacher. At some point Lisa snapped and hit a comedy stage. She never looked back. This little love monster has too much fun spreading laughter and joy. Lisa Corrao has toured with all of your favorite comedians. You've also seen her in stuff and heard her on stuff. She is clearly not the best at promoting, so to find her you'll either have to make an effort or stumble into the right comedy club, comic book convention, or dingy bar.

Available for...Private Events
Commercial Work
and housesitting your mansion

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Lisa Corrao in MEXICO! 
Lisa Corrao will not only be performing a special show in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico in the beautiful Teatro Santa Ana, but she will also be teaching a special one-time-only comedy intensive workshop! CLICK to find out more information!

Lisa's Interview on "Are You Waiting for Permission" 
Lisa is a guest on "Are You Waiting for Permission"...a wonderfully inspiring podcast about taking the leap faith to follow your heart. Hosted by Meredith Grundei & Joseph Bennett...highly recommend their podcast and HIGHLY recommend following your dreams. Take a listen!


Interview in Applause Break!
Click to read a nice interview with the good people at Applause Break. Check them out for lots of comedy news. Fun fact...The photo was me pretending to do a way more exciting act-out than what I was doing on stage at the time...gotta give the photographer something good. I wish I was this exciting on stage.


Ooooh, Podcast!

Lisa Corrao is a regular on Dino & Dana's Safe Space Podcast only available on Patreon! Click the photo to see more. It's pennies to join and get exclusive access to the ridiculousness. It's the best podcast on planet Earth by being the worst podcast you've ever seen/heard/felt. First of all, Dino Stamatopoulos and Dana Snyder are amazing! We also have Bob & Ron from Bob and Ron's Old Records, the hilarious Matt Brousseau at the helm, and occasionally Gabe Sunday...not to mention special guests have been Stephen Colbert, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Dana Carvey, Scott Adsit, Dana Gould, Andy Dick, Robert Smigel, and so many more! Sometimes you can even catch us doing a live variety show at a venue near you!


New Acting Headshot!
This is what my head currently looks like. If you would like to book me as an actress, you're a good person, but also that can be done by clicking the "contact" button up above. Thank you...you are going to heaven.


Lisa Corrao is on the cover of Lifestyle Magazine! 
Click the photo if you'd like to see the article in Lifestyle magazine. It made me feel special to represent South Florida Comedians. Also, look at those arms. Am I in the muscle phase of my comedy career?


Lisa Corrao is Featured in VoyageMIA! Thanks VoyageMIA for the nice little article! I love being a Miami Comedian! I especially love when the media supports comedy. Click the photo to read...

Lisa Corrao is featured in the Sun-Sentinel! Click the photo to read this article in the Sun-Sentinel. So happy to be in our very own newspaper and that I can also jump so high.


Every Witch Way! 
Lisa Corrao was featured as Ramona the witch on Nickelodeon's Every Witch Way! Here is an artist's rendition of Ramona! Thank you to the talented John Cliff Alvarez for this badass art!!

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